Ink Friendly Greeting Cards For the fountain pen enthusiast

How We Got Started

"Truth is beauty, beauty truth."  I don't know if the immortal words of John Keats are true, but I do know that I am a lover of beauty and I hope the Reader is too.  Isn't love the most beautiful of things and isn't friendship just a form of beautiful love?  And isn't it a most beautiful thing to receive a beautiful card from a lover or friend when you are apart?  Isn't that beautiful thing some thing we need?  I, Michael Pickarts, created Ink Friendly Greeting Cards to satisfy that need.

About the name 'Ink Friendly': ever since I was a kid I liked the way a fountain pen made hand writing more beautiful.  Ink has a nice delicate quality that pleases the eye.  A drawback is that ink requires a quality paper for best performance which is why Ink Friendly Greeting Cards uses only 100% cotton paper in all of its products.  Although designed for the fountain pen enthusiast, Ink Friendly Greeting Cards extends a welcoming hand to ball point & roller ball users alikr.

I will let you, the Reader, judge whether the paintings I have placed on my cards are also beautiful.  I hope you judge, "Yes!"

Love is a beautiful thing,
Michael Pickarts